AGEC 315 – Contemporary Issues in Global Food and Agricultural Systems

AGEC 315 is an undergraduate course that covers issues of world supply and demand for food, environmental and resource economics, international trade, and international development. Students are introduced to the basic economic concepts related to these issues as well as developing a perspective on current issues facing global food and agricultural systems.

AGEC 810 – Price, Income, and Trade Policies for Agriculture

This graduate-level course develops tools and considers examples related to the analysis of agricultural policies. We examine the effects of price, income, and trade policies on consumer and producer welfare. We consider current policy issues as well as providing an historical sense of how policies have evolved.

AGEC 936 – Quantitative Topics in Agricultural Economics

I teach a module of this team-taught course for PhD students. In my module, I teach quasi-experimental methods such as matching estimators, instrumental variables, difference-in-differences, regression discontinuity, and quantile regression. I also discuss the use of cluster standard errors.


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